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Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate and PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 Added Features - Actual Skips

How it works: The green dots show which filters are possible to be used for the next draw game, based on skip and hit scenerio above.

In the now skips column(Odd), the Now Skips(16 21) indicates that the filter is due to hit because has passed its normal skips. The Now Skips(1) number shows that the filter is cold. it is still not suitable to play because still have more skips towards its normal skips tendencv-see the 1odds example above,the 1odds filter has the average skips of 4 draws and
now has 16 skip since its last hit on 9/15/2018.

How to calculate Skips:

0 odds: - Frome the above, the statistics window shows that 0 odds happened only on 11/7/2018,but before this date we don't know when it happeded, this is because we are using the last 46 draws only. What we know is that the 0 odds has not been picked for the last 1 draws.Now average skip know,because we are using only 46 draws in this example.

1 odds: The statistics window shows there was a hit on 9/15/2018. then it skipped 0 draws without a hit followed by a hit on 9/12/2018,then it missed 11 draws(8/1/2018).
followed by 1 misses before it hit again on 7/25/2018(see the Actual skips above).
So, there were 3 skip periods for 1odds,filter in our last 46 draws. The average skips is calculated like this:0+11+1=12/3=4 skips.Now has 16 missed draws.

2 odds: 13 skip periods: 2-3-1-3-4-0-0-1-1-1-0-7-2->2+3+1+3+4+0+0+1+1+1+0+7+2->average skip=25/13=1.92 skips. Now has 6 missed draws.

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